Global Conference on Plant Science and Agri Technology

5th – 6th June 2019, Rome – Italy.

“Modern exploration technologies in Plant & Agri Researches”

About Conference

It is Orion Conferences pleasure and privilege to invite you to join the Orion Global conference on Plant Science and Agri Technology 2019. Our conference demonstrates the importance to develop multidisciplinary approaches. The conference also intends to bring together scientists, engineers, researchers, industry leaders, and scholar students in all areas of Technology. The aim of the conference is to create a platform for open communication and idea exchange on the recent Technological developments. This conference will follow up with an attractive scientific program highlighting major impact recent discoveries. Combination of plenary and parallel sessions will demonstrate the importance of Plant Science and Technology to fulfill the need for the development of an ecologically intensive growth.

Overall this meeting will be of great interest to plant and crop scientists who are invested in the future of gene editing both on a practical and regulatory level. We will provide a forum for debate around the broader policy issues whilst include opportunities for in-depth discussion regarding the techniques required to make this technology work in your own research.

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available, including industry-sponsored activities. In addition, we would be happy to tailor a sponsorship package to your specific needs.

Join us and be part of the Success….@Rome – Italy

Scientific Sessions

  1. Plant Science
  2. Plant Biology
  3. New breeding technologies in the plant sciences
  4. The APEX Approaches
  5. Ligands Switch Model
  6. Cyclin B1
  7. Lignin Biosynthetic Metabolon
  8. Genome engineering
  9. CRISPR-Cas9
  10. Plant biotechnology and synthetic biology
  11. Mass Spectrometry Technology
  12. DNA Sequencing Technologies
  13. New Genetics
  14. New Structural Biology
  15. Plant Molecular Biology
  16. Plant Sciences and Plant Research
  17. Plant Tissue Culture
  18. Plant Nanotechnology
  1. Traditional Medicines : Medicinal Plants
  2. Transgenes
  3. Molecular Breeding
  4. Root microbiome – Drought Defence
  5. Molecular Farming
  6. Precision Farming
  7. Plant anatomy and morphology
  8. Plant and Environment
  9. Phytochemical Analysis
  10. Plant Hormones
  11. Plant Neurobiology
  12. Plant Genomics
  13. Plant Proteomics
  14. Plant Signalling
  15. Plant Reproduction
  16. Plant Diseases
  17. Plant pathology
  18. Future Scope of Plant Science
  1. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
  2. Plant Biochemistry and Biosystems
  3. Plant Genetics and Genomics
  4. Phenotyping
  5. Gemini virus C4
  6. Post-translational modifications (PTMs)
  7. Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK)
  8. Mycophagy
  9. Plant Ecology and Taxonomy
  10. Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences
  11. Plant Diseases and Bryology
  12. Microbiology and Phycology
  13. Plant Tissue Culture
  14. Plant Biotechnology
  15. Agronomy and Agricultural Research
  16. Plant Science: Antibodies, Antigens and Antibiotics
  17. Plant Pathology and Mycology
  18. Plant Metabolic Engineering

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