Dr. FRANCESCO CANTARELLA, M.D, Ph.D., Proctologist
Editorial Board Member of the World Journal of Surgery and Surgical Research

Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery “cum laude” in 2006.
Bachelor Degree in General Surgery “cum laude” in 2013.
Ph.D. in Translational Surgery “cum laude” in 2017.
Consultant General Surgery with interest in Ano-rectal and Pelvic Floor Surgery since 2017.
At present time works in Proctological Centre in Private Hospitals in Forlì.
Author and co-author of indexed publications.
Tutor for Eufoton Medica Lasers – Proctological Laser Procedures Courses.
Tutor for Trilogy Courses – Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization and Recto-Anal Repair.
Member of the Italian Society of Colo-Rectal Surgeons (SICCR).
Member of SICCR School on Rehabilitation of Defecation Disorders.

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