Centre for Bimolecular Science
University of Nottingham

After graduation from Birmingham University in 1986, Tracey Bradshaw worked as a research scientist in The Dept. Oncology at Charing Cross Hospital consolidating her interest in Cancer Research. Her PhD research, under the supervision of Professor Andreas Gescher, within the Experimental Cancer Chemotherapy Group at Aston University, investigated the antitumour activity of Bryostatins and investigated the mechanistic role of protein kinase C.

In 1993, Dr. Tracey Bradshaw joined the Cancer Research Laboratories, University of Nottingham, under the direction of professor Malcolm Stevens. Now an assistant professor within the School of Pharmacy, her specific research interests lie in the discovery and development of novel anticancer therapeutics embracing NCEs, natural products, nano-medicines and gelators. Research activities within the field of cancer pharmacology include determination of anticancer activity and elucidation of molecular targets and mechanisms of action of novel preclinical antitumour agents. Such research led to clinical evaluation of Phortress and ~100 publications. She is a member of the Children`s brain tumour research group, the Drug Discovery Group of the EORTC and EACR.

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