Head of Genetics Department
Bhagwan Mahavir Medical Research Centre

Dr. Kaiser Jamil’s significant contributions are in developing genetic biomarkers in various cancers using molecular biology techniques and bioinformatic tools. In her studies on Pharmacogenomics she has elucidated drug-gene interactions in leukaemia, lung cancer and Head and neck cancers. Her recent research combines unusual versatility in adopting different areas of Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, and genomics in understanding the Drug-Gene Interactions that cause/ or promote various malignancies in the population. Her work on the polymorphisms of drug metabolizing genes and their significance in determining the chemo regimen for therapeutic applications in cancer has many citations and made a significant impact in the scientific world. Her group has succeeded in developing Models using bioinformatic tools for evaluating the polymorphisms for drug targeting as evidenced in her publications on EGFR, MTHFR, P53, PTEN, GSTs, DPD, CYPs, SULT, XRCC1, XPD, and more recently on microRNAs . Her work in Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia was acclaimed as the best paper and their invention was filed as a US patent where they use a statistical approach CHAID to have a holistic approach to evaluate the problem of childhood leukaemia. She has published over 250 papers in peer reviewed journals and she presented her work in international conferences. Presently she is still guiding PhD students in Cancer biology and bioinformatics projects and is collaborating with various Institutes. She is on the editorial board of several prestigious journals and reviewer of several journals.

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