IInd Global Conference on Cancer Research & Clinical Trials

3rd – 4th June 2019, Rome – Italy.

“Share the Vision, Solutions, and Strategies to overcome Cancer”

About Conference

After an incredibly successful inaugural year, Orion Conferences completed successfully the International conference on Cancer Research held during July 19th – 20th Barcelona, Spain. Now takes pleasure to announce and Invite you all to our prestigious IInd Global Conference on Cancer Research & Clinical Trials scheduled on 3rd – 4th June 2019, Rome – Italy.

The aim of the Orion Global Conference on Cancer Research & Clinical Trials is to present a wide spectrum of latest advanced treatments and research in the field as well as exploring new topics in clinical trials & development. The series of talks, poster presentations, workshops, discussions and networking events will keep participants engaged in learning and making new connections at this conference.

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available, including industry-sponsored activities. In addition, we would be happy to tailor a sponsorship package to your specific needs.

Join us and be part of the Success….@Rome – Italy

Scientific Sessions

  1. Cancer Cell Biology
  2. Breast Cancer
  3. Oncology
  4. Cancer Research
  5. Central Nervous System Malignancies
  6. Endocrine Cancers
  7. Gastrointestinal Cancers
  8. Genitourinary Cancers
  9. Geriatric Oncology
  10. Gynaecologic Malignancies / Gynaecological cancer research
  11. Hematologic Malignancies
  12. Head and Neck Cancers
  13. Imaging and Radiation Oncology
  14. Lung and other thoracic tumours
  15. Melanoma
  16. Pathobiology, Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanisms
  17. Paediatric Cancers
  18. Quality of Life
  19. Sarcomas
  20. Bladder Cancer
  21. Colorectal Cancer
  22. Kidney Cancer
  23. Lung Cancer – Non Small Cell
  1. Lymphoma
  2. Blood Cancer
  3. Prostate Cancer
  4. Oncology and Cancer Therapy
  5. Pancreatic Cancer
  6. Thyroid Cancer
  7. Vaginal Caner
  8. Cervical Cancer
  9. Small Bowell Cancer
  10. Stomach Cancer
  11. Vulvar Cancer
  12. Parathyroid cancer
  13. Penile Cancer
  14. Endocrine Tumour
  15. Cancer Prognosis
  16. Cancer Therapeutics
  17. Cancer Biomarkers
  18. Cancer Bioinformatics
  19. Organ Specific Cancer
  20. Cancer Pharmacology & Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery
  21. Surgical Oncology
  22. Cancer Pathology
  23. Stem Cell Research
  24. Globalization of Clinical Trials
  1. Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis
  2. Cancer Drugs and Vaccines
  3. Clinical Trials & Clinical Research
  4. Leukaemia immunology
  5. Cystic Fibrosis Research
  6. Innovations in Pre-Clinical Research
  7. Clinical Trials in developing countries
  8. Clinical Trials on different diseases
  9. Design of clinical studies and clinical trials
  10. Biomedical devices clinical research
  11. Pre-clinical Research
  12. Clinical Trial Phases
  13. Interventional Clinical Trials
  14. Clinical Data Management
  15. Patient centric Clinic Trials
  16. Veterinary Clinical Trials
  17. Drug discovery and Development
  18. Clinical Trials in Oncology / on different diseases
  19. Medical Device Research
  20. Clinical Trial Ethics
  21. Future Scope of Clinical Trials
  22. Medical Imaging in Clinical research

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